I dont see an output

i added a column in existing excel using Add data column, after that i used Write range function, selected the sheet name and variable name.
But i am getting the below error, please advise.

this is because text.xlsx file is open on your PC/laptop bot tried to access the file but it is already open first close the file then run the process.

Hope it will work

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UNderstood, thanks much…

Also, Now am reading PDF with OCR with microsoft OCR engine, after that adding Excel Application Scope under that i am adding write range to copy the data from PDF to excel. BUt am getting the below error message. Please advise

New.xaml (7.6 KB)

Hi @naveenkumar.sathiyamoorth,

Object Reference not set to an instance of an object will occur when a variable is not initialised. See the value of variable read1 by running in debug and looking at the Locals panel. The activity assigning a value may not be working

Thank you Sir.

I have used a screen scraping function (The variable type created as “Generic Value”) But when i try to copy the details from Screen scraping to Excel and used the same variable which is created in screen scraping… I am getting an error.

Because Screen scraping variable type is “Generic Value” But when we need to move the same to Excel it must be “Data Table”. So how can change the variable type?

Hi @naveenkumar.sathiyamoorth,

If you’re writing to a specific cell, then you can use Write Cell on E2. This will allow you to use your string variable.

Hi @william.coulson
Its not specific cell, THere will be few lines extracted from PDF and i need to update in Excel… I really need to create this variable conversion. please advise.

Hi @naveenkumar.sathiyamoorth,

The only other thing I can suggest is building a data table with the columns you want, and then adding the extracted data to an array or DataRow, then adding it to a DataTable.