Working with incremental Filenames

Dear All

This might look like a very simple thing to do, however excuse my lack of experience.

I am trying to create RPA on a web page.

The actions is to Print a page as pdf and go next.

The issue I have is with assigning filename in incremental order.

0001.pdf, 0002.pdf …

I tried with a numeric variable placing in loop, however It did not work out.

What are my other options?

Thanks in anticipation



Assign a counter value to 1 before starting the loop while downloading save it as counter.pdf and increment the counter at end of iteration in the loop counter = counter+1 using assign activity.


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@Museec You need to format your number using

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Hi Pranneth

Thanks for your help.

I had to convert the counter to string and it worked. I used counter.tosrting to pass the value, this was my error all along.

Many thanks


Thanks I will also try it out.

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