Assign value changes automatically

Value of PO_Number variable changes automatically when it passes that variable

I’m using that variable in write range to write file name
Syntax to write file name - in_Config(“Path_Invoice”).ToString+“"+FileName+”_“+PO_Number+”.xlsx"
PO_Number - Item.Rows(0)(0).ToString

whats wrong in this flow can anyone help me?
@Anil_G @supermanPunch @Sudharsan_Ka @ppr @Yoichi @Kaviyarasu_N @Gokul001

photo of Item datatable before write range activity

photo of Item datatable after write range activity
Why the value of 1st cell changes automatically


I dont see any activity adter write range…are you doing something else with thw table or in write range in excel are you getting correct data?

May be it is the next table…not sure …dorsnt looks so though


Hi @pravin_bindage ,

This looks like the Formatted Table values that is getting written.

To avoid this, you might need to add a Condition to Ignore the Tables which has the name as formatted.


If the above condition is true, you can ignore, else write it to the Excel sheet.

For Better confirmation, Check also the Table names either in Debug or Write Line activity.

Yes there are 2 tables in it. how can i avoid 2nd table?


I guess @supermanPunch already gave the details on check for it


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