Assign Task To Other User UiPath Action Centre

Instead of Assign to self in UiPath action centre.How we can assign to other user in UiPath action centre,is there is any way to do this please help


Hi @SainathReddy ,

Could you maybe check the below thread, I believe it discusses on the same topic as raised by you :

Hi @SainathReddy

Check on this video

Hope this helps!!

i have followed exactly that video but it didnt reflect the user although That task is showing in my action centre

@SainathReddy ,

Could you explain on this part ? If a notification is needed to be sent to User, we would have to send an Email with the Action URL from the created action.

However, if the user would check the Actions from a time to time basis it should be available in the Pending section of the Actions.

I need to send user the notification how to do that

I have assigned the task to the user only but it is shown in my action task page also

@SainathReddy ,

Could you maybe check the below for notifying user with the Action :

Which activity have that action url

@SainathReddy ,

We should be able to use the Task URL property from the Output of Create Form Task / Create Document Data Validation activity :

Thank u i will check if it is working

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