Assign: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object - how to solve it?

Hi guys,

I am facing an issue when debugging uiPath Studio:

I don’t know why it appears and how to fix it. Is there anyone around here who is able to support me? Every support is appreciated!
I already checked a couple of things, i.e. the item “WIList” is defined as an array and has general business processes as scope.

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hi @Manuel710
make sure you argument has some value, it happens when you pass a null argument, check the values

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Hi @fernando_zuluaga
Where do I have to add the value? And does the actual value matter or is it just for the sake of completeness?

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If this workflow is invoked from another the arguments should be mapped between the calling and the called workflow.

I think (with the screenshot above) the TransactionData is Null. Please check that and try again.

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You are right, they are mapped. That’s why I am wondering that it is not working properly :frowning:

Is the transaction data getting it’s required value in the calling workflow?
Please use the debug mode and check for transactionData value in the calling workflow.

yes, i checked it. Unfortunately, I can not attach any file to provide it to you

The only thing I can see is that the Transaction data is null.

would you mind if i send you the file via email?

Please can you add the .xaml here

Process.xaml (9.0 KB)
Main.xaml (54.2 KB)

yes, that also works for me


Please can you Zip the complete workflow and attach. Thanks.

there you go: (524.2 KB)

its still marked as “open”, even though an WI5 element is listed. It also does not work for WI2 nor WI1.


Please can you redo the scraping and the select along and try again (ensure the browser you use is also the same - I think it was IE)