Assign development robot to multiple folders

Please consider that the developers can work for different departments (each department is mapped in Orchestrator to a separate folder) and there is often maintenance/ updates required for the processes already deployed to the production environment besides the current planned development work. When they have to switch their work, the admin needs to move his robot from the current working folder to the new one and then after the 2- 3 hours work is complete, again move the robot back to initial/ main development folder.

Would be great if one development robot could be assigned to multiple folders: then he can easily access required resources for development (which is assets/ queues) without so much admin work behind.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

But wait. The Development robot can be assigned to multiple modern folders. This is one of the improvements we brought in 19.10. However, the classic folders do not support this.

“Please keep in mind that modern folders can only be used for attended robots, so your existing unattended robots, and their corresponding processes and queues, must remain in classic folders.”

So it would be great if you could add this enhancement to Classic folders as well because we have many unattended processes which developers implement across different departments and as I mentioned, it is always needed to logout from the development machine, switch the robot from one folder to the other and then go back and login to the dev machine.

i couldn’t be agree more ! it’s a strong limitation…

I literally happen to be looking at this right now! @Iulia @Mika Can you describe the limitation in more detail?

In my test I have

Modern Folder "CoE" (Process 1 Published e.g. ADTest)
  > Sub-Modern Folder "DD" (Process 1 & Process 2 Published e.g. ADTest, XMLTest)
Classic Folder (20+ Processes, included a process for the same packages as the processes in the modern folders)

My user is a member of all three folders and I see each of the processes available as I would expect from the permissions.


In the list, the “_Infrastructure” is the Environment in the Classic Folder. The Modern ones do not have Environment to associate a process to. The confusing part from a UI perspective if the process is part of a Modern Folder you need to hover over it to see which one. There is no quick glance way to tell the three example apart.

The other piece that I change to note is that I set my user to auto provision the Robot and removed the Robot in the Classic Folder at which point the Modern Robot being a Floating robot.


*I actually renamed the user on the Classic Robot instead of deleting it for quick testing while I am playing around.

Thanks @codemonkee for your great details.

the issue is that it’s works with Attended bots, not with unattended ones…
I wandering if i can make it with unattended bots… that my big concerns

For unattended: 20.4. Studio will not be used in unattended mode anymore.

what do you mean @badita ?

You will be able to use unattended bots on top of modern folders.
Studio won’t be started from Orchestrator anymore

great ! do you know when it’s going to be release @badita ?

2 months


thanks for your feedback