Assign dates


How to get the bot to click the date i want? I tried below, assign a date, but the bot don’t click what i’ve assigned… Any idea how to fix?

Place the “Assign Activity” just above the “Get Attribute Activity” and change the Dates variable scope in “Variable Panel” so that its available to current scope.

Hi @Karuna, i tried but not working. Still not clicking what i want…

It seems that the order of the activities are not in the correct sequence.
Where is your click activity which clicks the Dates?
Why are you assigning Dates variable? Instead you are already getting the Date aaname in Get Attribute, That you should assign it to click activity.

Could you please share your workflow?

@Karuna This is my Click activity

The table got a list of dates and i want the bot to only click that specific date, thats why i assign a date.
I am not sure what is the error here, can u show me? I am new joiner to RPA…

Which workflow are u referring here? I need the bot find the “date” and click download.
Below is screenshot of the UI explorer for Get Attributes. My problem is, the bot only click the first row, it cant find the date i assigned…


Could you please share your above workflow to me?

Hi KarunaD,

This is my workflow…The initial part is working well, only when the bot start to click download, the bot is not clicking correct date.

@Karuna Can u also advise is this selection is correct? I am not familiar with this.


If possible please share your xaml file and excel file.

Hi Karuna,

There are sensitive info in the excel, i cant share…

“Get Attribute” activity is used to retrieve the value of a specified “Attribute” of UI element.

  1. For which UI Element are you getting the aaname?

  2. When does bot should click the specified date?

  3. When does bot should click download?

There must be a condition that bot should check and click the download.