Assign cell value to variable

hello there…
I want to assign particular cell to my variable
propID :- Cell “E18”
name :- E19"
I tried to use index of it taking whole
there is possibility to each cell may not have that cell data so i want to assign that cell no whatever value is there…

in above img steps contain detail and testdata values i have to assign to my variable step 1&2 dont have testdata

@prashantP Have you tried with read cell activity

hey thanks for quick replay…

no havent try it can you pls explain brief??
how I can select cell no E18,E19,E21

@prashantP There is read cell activity you can use that and pass cell range in that activities


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so every time I have to use excel scope + read cell + assign to variable
similar to below pic ?

@prashantP If cell range does not change means than you can use read cell activity

Cell range is fixed…
thank you so much… :pray:

on more suggestion pls…

instead of using separate cell for each value.
what if I separate them by “,” in one cell ??
what activity should i use ?
and how?

@prashantP By comma it wont works you needs to use separate read cell activity

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