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I am using a SQL Query to pull 1 cell. If there is data it will pull ‘WFM_DATE_PROCESSING’ if it is empty, it will be null. I think I am then assigning that to a data table named dt_res. I then want to assign what is found to TRANS. Then if Trans has ‘WFM_DATE_PROCESSING’ in it, I want to open a Macro.

I think the problem I am having is getting the TRANS to be assigned what is in the dt_res table. Can you help me?

Hi @sjshuster,

You need to first confirm what is the output of the SQL Query.
If you receive a string, you need to change the dt_res type to String instead of a DT.

If its a string you can directly check its value after assigning it to TRANS.

If the return of the SQL Query is a DT then you need to find out which column contains the value ‘WFM_DATE_PROCESSING’

Question, are you expecting just one row in return or multiple?

Please specify the return from SQL.

Hi @songoel ,

It is supposed to be a string, Either a null cell or a cell that says “WFM_DATE_PROCESSING”. So I took the dt_res out of the DataTable property and I changed the Variable to a string. Then I was able to set the Assign Trans=dt_res. But it is not proceeding to the If statement and opening the Macro. So I am assuming it was not passing the words “WFM_DATE_Processing”?

@sjshuster Use Assign TRANS = dt_res.rows.item(0)(0).ToString

@Pravin_Patil1 it is giving me a compiler error saying that ‘rows’ is not a member of ‘String’.

Change dt_Res from string to Datatable

Thank you @Pravin_Patil1 . That was the trick.

I know this is a separate question, but where is the best place to get the knowledge of how to do these things? Are the tutorials the best place?

I am flying blind and have to keep asking silly questions on here.

You just need to follow UiPath training video along with practice assignments…Otherwise everything will come with experience…
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Thank you and marked as solution!

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