Asset Type as Table

That would be perfect if we had the opportunity to define a Table type Asset and be able to amend it as required so we will be able to manage things in assets instead of Excel files.



It is a nice idea with some challenges. Get Asset works fine but set asset is the challenging part.
Will see in future they may add some way to add DataTables.

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

I think DataTable type can be used as variable. So we’ll be able to get values as DataTable from assets and we’ll be able to put values as DataTable asset to Orchestrator while designing in Studio.

In Database perspective, DataTable is a serializable type and can be stored as XML or Json which both types are serializable and deserializable too, and both of them gives the opportunity to work in Json and other JsvaScript frameworks so it would be easy to implement it on Orchestrator side too.

I think it is something easy to implement :slight_smile:


The asset property Text allow you to store JSON files which can be configured to represent a table. Play with this and you will be able to solve your problem.


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I think the point here is not to solve the problem, of course you could resolve with some workaround.
This is more on adding a features to the product via an idea, so people who do not understand json serialization could do it in a more friendly way, from the Orchestrator side.



I agree, that’s the point!
Giving a user friendly screen to configure asset values as table for end users who are not able to configure json/xml strings. And of course modifying Json/xml strings is very error prone even for developers.
I’d write that answer but you were faster than me :slight_smile: