More types for Orchestrator assets



I know that the concept of assets for Orchestrator is basicly a dictionary itself, but it would still be cool/useful to be able to use a dictionary type as a single argument


Similar to another idea bellow



I really can’t see how they are similar. A dictionary, being a collection, can use really useful activities like add, remove etc which are much simpler than cycling through the table every time to add a new element or remove an old one


They are similar as they both concern extending types of assets you can store on the Orchestrator with multidimensial object.


In that sense, yes they are, but taking that into account, now I think I’m missing the point of your answer :sweat_smile:


The idea is just to highlight that there is something proposed around, so if someone from product would look around it could consider both in the same time.

That also emphasizes both of them, as they are similar.