Json Array to data table using assign activity

i am facing this problem can anyone please help me

HI @santosh_sai

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Hi @santosh_sai

is DT of type string or Datatable? Please check that


May we ask you to share with the us the JSON / JSON Array sample data? Thanks

data table

data2.txt (1.4 KB)

myJObject("data").ToObject(Of DataTable)

myJObject | DataType: JObject - output form the Deserialize JSON Activity


Can you try this please

Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(of datatable)(DJson("data").TOString)


in Addition and related to your screenshot:

Ensure that DT or the variable on which thge statement is assigned is of DataType: Datatable

i have followed the video but in the video in the assign activity i am facing the same problem which is data table cannot be converted to string

in the link that you have shared it is showing the information for a json string but not for a json array so i would like to request you to provide me the solution for the json array
thank you for your time

yes i have made it a data table variable only

i have tried the same but getting same error that data table cannot be changed to string could you provide another solution

show us your variable panel, defining the variable which is used on the left side from the assign statement

thank you all for your valuable time in trying to solve my problem
the mistake was DT was not data table variable but a string the error has gone

But i am facing another problem which is in continuation to this i request everyone to kindly provide me the solution to this
in this i have used excel process scope and followed by use excel file and followed by write data table to excel where
in the what to write field i am using DT (data table variable which i defined earlier )
there i am getting error as below

i would like to request to provide me the solution to this


As I told already the type is string… good that you found that

Can you open the ‘What to write’ and see in advanced editor if something else is also got pasted


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Excellent @Anil_G what you mentioned is absolutely correct apart from DT something else was also pasted by me ,couldn’t know until it is opened in advanced editor. iam very much thankful to you for providing me the solution and being patient with my problem thank you so much

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variable data type i have mistakenly kept string what u said to check is correct thank you

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