Class Project

I am going through an RPA course in grad school and I’m in the process of my final project which can be on anything. Has to make use of Orchestrator, 2 excel files, a website, 2 loops, and 2 If/Then decision flows. I’ve got my project figured out using orchestrator however im having some difficulty ordering the process.

I’m basically doing a project based on 13 companies I chose that are publicly traded on the stock market. What I want to do is list those particular companies on an excel file outside of UiPath with the company name in column 1 and the ticker symbol in column 2. I then want UiPath to go through my excel file, search up the tickers online, provide me with the current price, previous closing price, industry, sector, and the one year target price (all of these are listed on the website I am using I don’t have problems getting the data needed but I have questions about which order to place the items after the application scope reading the excel file i originally created. I then want UiPath to gather this data off the website and then load the data into a new excel file afterwards. I hope this made sense!