Array elements

¿Cómo se adiciona un elemento a un Array en UiPath?, es erroneo esto?
How is an element added to an Array in UiPath? Is this wrong?
arrNombres(intContador) = strNombre in assignAsignacion


Hi @pabloasesor,
Refer below video


@arivu96 Arivu, thanks for responding, I’m going to translate from Spanish to English.
Arivu, I see the need to enter data into the Array manually by the user, this happens a lot in reality.
The UiPath example is fine, but if the data is entered into the array by default.

Do you know the standard procedure for adding elements to the array?
Is this correct? Array (Counter) = “Arivu96” in a string array and in the element number.

Thanks Arivu

Hi @pabloasesor,

Yes you can do it, but before that need to initialise the array length.

New Integer(10){}

refer the below xaml file.
TestArray.xaml (9.5 KB)