How can I add user input(integer) to an arraylist or list?

Hi i’m new to UiPath, i want to add multiple user input(integers) to an arraylist/list. How to achieve this. and arraylist or list which would be appropriate??
Main.xaml (26.2 KB)


pls try with ADD TO COLLECTIONS activity
And try to use LIST as only list can include new element in it as array would require a defined index range and more than we won’t be able to add new value to array

So let’s do it with list variable

Where in
Collection property mention your list variable name

Item property mention the integer value you want

In argument change the rule as integer

Cheers @selwin.s

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Were you able to add new values
Pls let know for any queries


I added 3 integer to a list i.e 1,3,4 through user input and when i iterate the list using foreach, the loop runs only one time.


In while loop dialog what is the variable type of dialog and input
I hope input is of type int32
But what is the type of dialog variable

Use a writeline before while loop and mention dialog variable name and let’s see how the value looks like
Pls share that screenshot

Cheers @selwin.s

dialog variable type is int32.


Hi @Palaniyappan I called the list.count() in writeline activity and found it gives the output of 1. Each element is getting replaced instead of appending

Hi @selwin.s

Can you check where List variable initialized it should be initialized before the loop

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@selwin.s You can alternatively use “Invoke method” to add all the values in to the List directly. I have attached a sample workflow for you. Hope this will work easy for you. Let me know if this works.

AddValuesToList_InvokeMethod.xaml (6.8 KB)

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thanks @aanandsanraj it was really helpful yes the list was initialized within the while condition, now its working as i expected after i initialized before the loop

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