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I am bit confused with the arguments and variables. Please help me

I have two text file one is PLC and the other is CLC. I am reading those two file and created arguments for those two as out_PLC and out_CLC. This is in the Initialization state. i need to pass these two arguments into two xamls in the initialization state and the same I need to pass into 5other xamls in the Process Transaction state as well.

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Variables and arguments are very similar to each other.

Variables are used inside a xaml only.
Arguments allow you pass values in or out of a xaml. (Please note the direction is defaulted to β€˜In’)

See the video:

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Hi @0bb4628e217fd43ac86ac9294

For doing that create the variables in the Main xaml (means General Business process in REFrameworks). Then use the out direction arguments to get the data from out of initialization, and import those out arguments with General Business Process variables.

To pass the these variables which contains data to the process xaml, create in direction arguments in the process xaml and import the in arguments with General Business Process Variables.

Hope it helps!!

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@mkankatala Thank you I got how to pass the arguments

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Happy Automation!! @0bb4628e217fd43ac86ac9294

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