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In my RPA project, I have two independent Invoke workflow activities with two independent Sequences.
I am trying to get sourceFilepath from Workflow 1 and pass it in the Workflow 2.

But it seems that sourceFilePath value is not accessible outside the first workflow.

I am not sure how to use arguments in this type of scenario, may be i am missing something.

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Hi @ajagtap636

As far as I know, it is easy to pass a value from a children workflow to another one by below steps.
1.Add an out argument in children workflow 1.
2.Add an in argument in children workflow 2.
3.Assign the out argument of children workflow 1 to the value in workflow1.
4.Assign a variable to the out argument in main workflow
5.Assign the in argument of children workflow 2 to variable in main workflow.
6.Use the in argument in workflow 2.

Thank You for your response.

For the step4, Out argument is not accessible in the main.
Please find my attached screenshots.
Arguments_Uipath.docx (46.3 KB)


You are in the correct way, but need a variable in between to pass your value

Create a variable in Main workflow and that variable assign to outvariable in the arguments

For your reference with example, check below link

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Hi @ajagtap636

  1. First create one variable of type string in Main.xaml file.
  2. In Wrokflow 1 workflow, you created out argument right and pass this value to variable the one created in Main.xaml file.
  3. Pass this variable to value to other workflow Workflow 2.

Refer this document for more information regarding the Argument

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have a view on this: Using Arguments


Thank You all, problem is solved.

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