Argument value not provided

argument value not provided
I can’t run the activity on the picture with the link below, can you help me about the issue?


Please could you also share the DataType for the variable ‘datalist’?

Can you translate the error message to English for us?

Main.xaml: Value for a required activity argument ‘Values’ was not supplied.

it’s the name of my own data table

You probably have no data in datalist

I want to read a list from google tables, but it doesn’t go into a for each row loop.

Ensure the datalist hs “IN” argument is you passing it from another sequence

Then you have to do these steps first to populate datalist. You can’t loop through datalist if it’s not initialized and has no data.

thank you sir

was mentioned by some members as a current bug from UiPath.System.Activities

check for a previous package version

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You should only ever use preview versions for testing the new versions. They aren’t stable releases.