Argument annotations in Main workflow in REFramework

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So , I am using the version 22.4 of studio and was doing the UiPath formation , and wanted to add an annotation to an argument I came to add to the Main file , and it turned out that , whenever attempting to do so , after right-clicking on my argument from the argument panel , the “design properties” button doesn’t work , it reacts , as in it does get highlighted , but it doesn’t provide the text box for adding the annotation…

Thus , I wanted to know if that was normal (my bet being on that only invoked arguments can be annoted , since it works in other parts of my workflow and in other workflows as well) or if that was just a mildly disconcerting bug.

Edit : After some fiddling around , it would seem to be tied to the wider “datatable” scope of types , as it works fine with the “main” types such as string , int32 and object types , but blocks when attempting to do it on a DataTable argument or an array of DataRow items.

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So @B_Bastien

This issue is only with main file ?


This is what I thought , but it turns out it also happens on a different , unused workflow as well.

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