Are tenant names important?

Hi! Can someone help me? I forgot my tenant name and I don’t know how will I retrieve it. I usually log in on our orchestrator without Tenant Name so I don’t know if that is important at all.


If you login into Orchestrator, you will find the tenant list there.

Click on Services. On the right side you will find the tenants -

Karthik Byggari


Where can I find the Sevices option? Here’s what my Orch looks like.


I also noticed that my Orch is outdated. Where can I update it? We just had our new license key for renewal.

You have to login into a cloud orchestrator.

login into

Karthik Byggari

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Fine as per your image of orchestrator At the top right corner along with your user name we would be able to find TENANT NAME

Cheers @caduque