Are all 4 products under UiPath Explorer Process Discovery have free trial for 2 months?

UiPath Explorer Tools for Process Discovery include - Expert, Enterprise, ProcessGold and Connect Enterprise. It’s good to see UiPath providing 2 months free trial. However, are all these 4 tools available for free for the 2 months? Beyond the time, can each tool work independently, or are needed in collaboration to carry out automated process discovery?

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Hello @milidoshi,

Thank you for your questions and your interest in the Process Discovery tools.

  1. Explorer Expert can be used under Community License for as long as you want (including for testing the product prior to buying it), as long as you respect the Community terms of use. You can download the product here. If you want to use it under the Enterprise license, you must buy the product.
  2. Explorer Enterprise is currently in a Private Preview phase, not being available for the general audience yet. Hence, there is not possibility of free trial. If you are a UiPath customer, you can register in the Insider Preview Program to get early access to it.
  3. Process Gold has a 2-week free trial option.
  4. Connect Enterprise Hub can be tried for free 60 days.

Beyond the trial period: the products work independently.
Connect Enterprise and Explorer Expert will soon have an integration to enhance their capabilities.



Thank you for the details response, @Iulia_Istrate.

Following up with the thread, request your help with below questions:

  1. Explorer Enterprise is the front end discovery tool, while ProcessGold is the back end one. Hence, is it possible to only use Explorer Enterprise without using ProcessGold for process discovery?
  2. Likewise, is it useful to only use ProcessGold to identify candidates for automation, as part of automated process discovery?
  3. Do both of these tools, individually provide visual analysis to manage and select candidates for automation within a team? Implying, can they be used without Connect Enterprise for managing automation pipeline among business users?
  4. What use is Connect Enterprise without the other 3?
  5. Which among the above are the mandatory tools to carry out automated process discovery?

We as a team are really interested in looking forward to carry out Automated Business Process Discovery, hence the strong interest and long list of questions. Appreciate your time in catering to it.

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Hello @milidoshi,

  1. Yes. ProcessGold and Explorer Enterprise are two separate tools and have different approaches. Explorer Enterprise is used for task mining and discovers processes by recording users’ actions and generating logs based on the recordings. ProcessGold is used for a specific process that you want to better understand and monitor. ProcessGold does process mining on the data (logs/database) stored in systems.
  2. ProcessGold is used to better understand and visualize your process. It is a great tool to see what are the bottlenecks of your process, discover areas for improvement and automation.
  3. Both tools provide visual analysis of the process and can be used without Connect Enterprise.
  4. Connect Enterprise can accommodate not only the processes & tasks identified using tools like Explorer Expert and ProcessGold, but also is a place where you can continuously crowdsource automation idea with the help of the business users (human-driven approach). The product offers much more than that: it helps you manage the automation pipeline end-to-end, to create a reusable components repository that you want to share within the organisation, to report on the performance of the Automation Program, to create more awareness around RPA and reward the contribution of the users in the platform. Please check this demo of the value proposition.
  5. Explorer Enterprise is the tool you need to use for automated process discovery.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


@Iulia_Istrate Is the early access to Explorer Enterprise currently available (or is it a future release/plan) as customers with UiPath?

Hello @milidoshi,

As mentioned in my first response.
Explorer Enterprise is currently in a Private Preview phase, not being available for the general audience yet. If you are a UiPath customer, you can register in the Insider Preview Program to get early access to it. Being in Private Preview, it means that only a limited number of UiPath customers who show interest in the product will be selected to get early access to the product.