Explorer Enterprise, Explorer Expert, Task Mining, Task Capture and ProcesGold ?! What is the difference?!

I am really confused about these terms. It seems like some of them are covering each other?

As for as I understand:
Explorer Expert is a product that covers Task Mining. To do Task Mining, you need an app installed called Task Capture.

Explorer Enterprise is then what?

And what is Proces Gold then?

Please help or send me a link for any demo that explains the difference :slight_smile:

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1. Process Gold -> Process Mining

‘Process Gold’ is a kind of BPM tool, such as identifying business processes and identifying workloads.
It is another program that is not related to Uipath.

However, at the end of last year, Uipath acquired Process Gold.
It was renamed ‘Process Mining’ and included in the Uipath product line.

I’ll attach the demo page of Process mining below.

2. Explorer Expert -> Task Capture
Task Capture is literally a tool for capturing tasks. You can record what you do in the field and output it to diagrams or Uipath Studio.

Exploer Expert is the old name for Task Capture. (Both products are exactly the same)

I will attach the Task Capture download page (Request Community).

If you have any questions, ask more. If it was helpful, please press the Solution button to help multiple people see it :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Jihun

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