Process executes twice from Orchestrator

When I start a process from Orchestrator via a trigger or manually it executes twice, however when I start it from the robot it executes just once ?


It’s weird. Could you please show me screenshot of your process flow.

Hi @Gid,

Is the processes executed twice on the same robot or the process once on two different robots ?

Nithin Prabhu

on one Bot, the trigger has been set to use just that one bot

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Not sure what was going on, however having re-published the process it only executes once via the trigger now !!!.


hi @Gid
that is exactly the reason , that because you had be created one process and its mark it as a triggering option
then when you start and run it , make sure your robot marks any scheduled to that process
i hope you are using agent desktop because its happens to me while on testing
because already define schedule process also running while trigger also executing

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Hello @Maneesha_de_silva ,

Apologies but I could not understand your explanation.

I’m having exactly the same problem as @Gid and his solution did not work for me.

When I attempt to run a process (by schedule or manually) from the orchestrator, it will run twice. Running from the agent it only runs the process once.

In the job’s logs, I can see that the process is executed twice (I have processes that are executed 3 times)

This process in particular only contains a single send email activity which sends an email to myself.

Due to this issue, this sends 2 emails.

For this process, It’s not an issue, however, I have report automations that are being triggered multiple times in the same job and the automation crashes.

Do you know why this happens? Is there a possible solution for my issue?

When you run in “Processes” or “Triggers”, you just need to choose “Alloate dynamically” in “Execution Target”. Thanks.

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I’m seeing almost the exact same thing. But my issue is happening when I run Manually. Oddly, my bot is running twice - I know because it creates a Queue item, and it is being created twice - AND it is giving duplicate log entries. So I’m getting 4 log entries:

The oddest part is that both the exact timestamp and fingerprint for the messages (click the “i” info button) are identical. Any thoughts?