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Hi community,

I am trying to pass a list of options to an Apps Dropdown list from a CSV file in a Storage Bucket, but I can’t make it work. So far I have uploaded the file into the bucket in Orchestrator, added the Bucket in Apps, created the variable and pass it into the Dropdown “List source”, but I don’t know how to convert the read file into a list of strings so the Dropdown list can read it and display it properly.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Hey @ginofranco.fazzi

Please attach your CSV here to test.


Hello @ginofranco.fazzi ,

Do you want to display CSV column into dropdown?


Hi Nithinkrishna. Thanks for the reply.

The csv file would be something like this one attached: one column, many rows.

The idea is to have that csv file updated, so I need Apps to be able to read the file and display the options in the dropdown list. The file is currently stored in a Storage Bucket in Orchestrator. (1.2 KB)

Hi Arvind, that’s right.

I have a one-column csv file with a lot of options that might be updated somewhat frequently (so I cannot afford to manually input the options to the dropdown). I am currently storing the csv file in a Storage Bucket in Orchestrator, and trying to pass it to Apps, but I cannot make it work.

Any suggestions?

@ginofranco.fazzi ,

Yes you can do in a better way. Please do below steps.

  1. Create a UI Path Process
  2. Create a Data table Out Variable
  3. Read CSV file from Storage bucket
  4. Store output of CSV into Data table out variable
  5. Deploy UI path Process
  6. Go to Apps add process
  7. Go to dropdown and bind the UIpath Process data table out with data source of drop down.
  8. Call UI Path Process on Page load
  9. Test

Hope this will work.


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Thanks Arvind,

Am I right to say that the process will have to run everytime somebody clicks on the dropdownlist? Isn’t that affecting the response time for the Apps user?


Just load on page initialize.

All solved. Thanks a lot Arvind for the help!


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