Apps browser notifications

Possibility to send notifications in the browser, in the same way as “show message”.
Should be a relatively simple implementation.

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I am not sure for what purpose you want to show notifications but you can use an activity called as
Tooltip in UiPath that is very much similar to showing messages on website UI.

Hope this helps.



I am asking for a Uipath Apps feature.
In Apps we are using the show message feature at the moment (when process is done), but i think a notification is better.

We are running unattended robots.

Oh okay, got it.

So you can create an event in that you can use the Show Message property that should help I think @AutomationHero

Have you tried using that feature or you need help with that? @AutomationHero

The picture is made up, the feature does not exists :blush:

What type of notifications would you like to generate?

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This is a super cool suggestion @AutomationHero! Thank you :slight_smile:

pls forward request to PO APPs :smiley:


:joy: :joy: