Applying macro in csv file making all the columns into a single column


I want to apply a macro from a text file to a csv file using Invoke VBA activity. But after doing that all the columns of the file are coming into a single column.

I am using the csv file inside the Excel Application Scope.

What is the solution for it ??

Can anyone please reply on this? Its urgent.

Sorry but this makes no sense, since macros can not be applied to a csv file… Only specific excel file types can do that…


Try importing the csv as .xlsx first, then apply your macro.

@bcorrea We open csv with excel application right. So why can’t we apply macro to that? Does it make sense now?

Thanks guys, i have applied the macro into the csv and its working fine.

Hello! How do you Resolve it? i have the same problem, Thanks!

Sorry but it completely makes sense, since we can apply macros to .csv files.