Application Sign Up process iteration


I’m new to the UiPath and so far I found it very interesting, however, I want to automate the Sign Up process and stuck in between, the flow is like below:

  1. Sign Up with unique email and username
  2. Edit the account and change the email and username to other unique values
  3. Sign Out the application
  4. Re-run the Sign up process without any hard-coded values

Note- I’m reading email and username data from an excel.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Satnam.Singh.
Welcome to UiPath community!
I believe the best way to start your UiPath RPA journey is to learn the basics to advance in UiPath Academy.
You will appreciate UiPath more when you learn it there and from scratch.
Then during your learning process, you may want to inquire or ask help from others in our community. We are willing to help you during your journey. While doing that, you may rank up and receive badges.

Thank you!


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