Register account using data for excel

hi i want to register quite a number of new accounts on a website using the data i have in excel e.g email and username and password, isit possible with uipath? what kind of activity do i sue and how do i use loop to do that, thanks in advance !

Yes its possible could explain bit more clearly…

happy to help :slight_smile:

hi so i have a long list of username,password and emails in an excel file and i want to create account on a website i have developed accordingly, so the uipath programmed to be able to register the account 1 by 1, until the final data in the excel.


  1. Lets Assume we have the Data in below format in Excel and that has to be entered in website


2.Read the Excel and get the DataTable using below activities- DtInput


  1. Once you have the Datatable with the inputs, Iterate th Datatable using Below Activites and Get the Data.
  2. Create a Sequence to insert Data in the Website and Replace the Fields with the fields we get from the DataTable inside for each.


hi may i know what is the dtInput in the for loop ? do i need to assign a variable for it . sorry im new to uipath

So When you Read an Excel using ReadRange Activity , The Data From the Excel is Read in a DataTable.
In our Case , Read Range will give you the DataTable Output


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