Application Path - isnt created selecting the window


I am doing the training for the random password generator. I can make it work assuming I am leaving notepad open. When I Download the solution, I see the actual windows path. How do I do this? I know I can copy and paste from the solution but I am trying to learn how to do it for the future. The training video I just clicked the window but that doesnt seem to work. I can’t find any documentation when searching the literature for the software.

I assumed there would be a browse to application option so UI could copy the path but I dont see it.

Hey @madcooldude ,

Keep notepad open, take Use Application/Browser activity in UiPath studio, and click on the indicate application to automate and select the notepad application. This way you will get the application path as well.


I am using StudioX. I have done the indicated steps.

I get some strange windows path. I get this every time.

What exactly do you want to achieve working with Notepad?

If it is just creating a txt file and writing data to it then simply use the below activities in StudioX that should do the work. Let me know if you have any questions.


We had a exercise where we needed to use notepad. I should be able to automatically open notepad using the file path. I am not looking for a notepad work around. I am looking for a way to properly create the application path.

You can swap out notepad with any business application. How do I create the application path? (55.0 KB)
Refer to the workflow for the solution.
Changes I made:

Changed the random path with notepad path
Edited the selector and property of Use application/Browser to open a new window on every run

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


@madcooldude was the workflow helpful?

Hi @madcooldude ,

Are you downloading any files from the browser? If yes go to download settings in chrome application. There default path is aviliable change to ask every time. So next time when your are trying to download it will ask provide file saving path. There you can provide the file path where you want save. This will applicable for all types of files.

Pavan Kumar