Application Issue regarding If-Flowchart

Hi guys,

I have got a problem regarding the application of the If-Flowchart in combination with an active spin-button in excel. Basically, the robot should continue clicking on the upwards button in case the only content of column “Nr” is not equal to “N/A”. After this, since it is a true incidence, another process should be triggered. Please see Snip below:

In case it is false(Nr =N/A), the robot should simply throw out a message box with the hint “The list has come to an end”.

Till now, my robot is clicking quite well, however, it does not know when to stop. So if “Nr” is “N/A”, the robot still continues clicking instead of throwing out a message.

Since it is an urgent Project, and I am really new to Uipath with poor programming knowledge, I would very much appreciate if someone could helpp me out. Thanks a lot!!!

Could you please attach workflow.

Hi, sure! Here is the workflow. In the Excel application scope marked in yellow, I have add a read range to read the whole table. After that transforming data table to a string. Furthermore, I used the read cell function to read cell “A2”, which was already in string Format.Capture2!

Need workflow .can’t say much by looking at snapshot.
Its a simple condition.It should work fine .

PS: i was just wondering how u able to click on spin button inside excel, because excel would be closed by after executing excel application scope activity.:roll_eyes: