Reading excel data IF statements within a cell


The Bot is picking up the value as if its FALSE within my excel sheet when I output the datatable however the value in the excel sheet shows the TRUE value.

Can anyone help me here on why UiPath is choosing to read the FALSE value automatically? I am just using a simple read range with “Add Headers” checked.

@J_Swali How do you read and write this? Just using read and write range activities?

so right now as a test I am using read range then output dt and then log message and message box for the dt

Fixed it. It was because it was not in an excel application scope.

@J_Swali Excel scope ?? :thinking: How does it change a particular value in a datatable ?

I dont know?

I had the read range on its own. It was showing “Not ready” which the false output in my excel if statement but when i put the read range inside an excel scope application it showed “Ready” which is the correct output

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