Application closes on text exist


I am having a strange issue. I am using text exist in a windows application. When it reaches the activity text exist it closes the application in which I was automating.

Any idea why this is happening.

Hi @mohammedamaan,

You have any activity after the text exists activity?


Yes I do. Based on text exist I have a if condition after that.

Can you share your xaml or zip file so that i can try…


I’ll not be able to share the xaml file as I am working in a bank and cannot share the code outside. Also it is working fine when I test that activity alone. It is only closing when running as a part of process.

Can you at least share the screenshot…

This is where it closes the application

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Did ELEMENT EXISTS or IMAGE EXISTS activity helped us in that
That would give us the same boolean kind of output

Or if we want to run only with that TEXT EXISTS activity then kindly run in debug mode so that we will come to know why it’s closing the application

But the above two mentioned methods would work for sure

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mohammedamaan

I did try in debug mode and there also it closes the application without throwing any error

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Kindly try with those two activities like
ELEMENT EXISTS //if that string is chosen as a element
Or with
IMAGE EXISTS //if that string is chosen as a image

Cheers @mohammedamaan

At least try to keep that in try catch and see at least the statement in catch or the final executes…



This is the error which is being generated. Can anyone help with what could be the issue.

Hi Mohammed did you find the solution even Im facing the same problem.