Image exists not working _DB

Dear All,
Scenario : trying to connect DB with username and pwd.
Before connecting image:

After connecting : image

Requirement : I an trying to use boolean value and “IF/Else” , If connected execute next step.
Or Invoke “APP close.xaml”

Kindly suggest.

but after this , It is always executing the else part. not then. Means It is not recognizing this image.


@Santhoshi_Gvs condition
Just double click(Double click activity) on DB if its windows application then capture the home page,if it exists proceed with if condition then or else part.

No This solution will not work in this scenario.

Hope you have missed the properties,look below
imageImage Exists.xaml (12.3 KB)


Getting this message when I open Xaml file.

Which version of UiPath you are using?
This is getting because of Image Exists activity seems,hope you have below dependencies:

Copy the xaml in your project folder ,and open it

I am using 2019.8.0 ,


Its there , I am not able to get the selector for this particular image, I can put the delay also. But I dont think its feasible . I just want to check DB connected successfully or not depend on this image.

I want to record this image with perfect selector .

I am getting above selector on both cases .

Before that can you also check in Image Exists activity ,In Properties (Output>Found>DB_Connect) have you given the variable(DB_Connect) .

If you wont give the above it always run else part.

In case if selector issue try to record the Image like this:
Delete the Image Exists,and add it again Indicate Screen(Click on Indicate Screen and press F2 ) to capture the screen correctly.

Yes, I given Sir,

Is there any other activity I can use?

Santhoshi GV

Please look for a expert.I dont find other way.
Thank you

Sure, thank you for your time.

Santhoshi GV

Hello @Santhoshi_Gvs,
can you tell me that image exist activity is validate or not(go to selector properties and check)?
if not valid then indicate there and check or else use element exist activity this will defiantly work for you…

Change accuracy of image


Getting this warning message now , when I use element exists activity and IF else.

hey @Santhoshi_Gvs
can you take a screenshot of the properties of element exists activity and variable type of output?


Image click is a bit of process which is inaccurate in a lot of cases!!!

It can vary on the resolution of the screen as well!!! Try using Computer vision, that will help you out to avoid this issue

May be this helps , But I am not able to use this activity in community edition.

Kindly suggest.


It must be in the CV scope…

Even Cv scope not working.