Appending data into Data table


Check the attached file.

BOT is appending the new data table to existing excel file . Here for demo I had used a sequence , but you can use a loop and add any number of rows to (10.0 KB)

Let me know in case of any question.


Hi @Sahil_Garg1 ,

I have a few doubts,

Firstly for the append range activity to work i need to have the excel file created before hand with the headers filled out atleast or will a blank file will suffice.

And could you also explain how will the add data row activity will work inside the loop maybe a screen shot of somekind i am quite new to this tool.


But your query is , BOT will run daily so you might storing the new data daily in some file .

Is i am right ?

Yeah that’s true the but for the first time when the bot runs the process the excel sheet can be empty, so that’s why i asked whether it needs to have atleast the Headers in the file before the first run.
And also i think for my second doubt i can just add 2 more add data row activity right?


Check the updated file, in this one i had used a do while loop ( you can use any loop), and for demo purpose loop will run 3 times. (10.5 KB)

For the first time if file is not present, use write range , after then you can use append range.

Let me know in case of any question.