How to add a row to a datatable in Excel Automation Scope

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what simple thing am I missing when trying to use the add data row activity?
See the attached xaml file. (20.2 KB)

Hi Christoph,

You need to write the whole range again into your excel. Add data row just adds a row to the data table you extracted (as a variable). You need to write it again into the excel. Use Write range for that


Thanks, it works!

You have two ways to write the updated data table back to the excel file.

  1. Write Range
    Overwrites the existing data from the selected cell (in this example, “A1” thereby replacing the entire worksheet)
    Since you’re using “Read Range” before adding a new row to the same datatable, all the existing data will already be in this table. Write Range will rewrite the whole sheet, thereby giving you the ideal outcome of having old data as well as the new rows.
    Keep in mind the number of columns, though.
    The first row has 6 columns (#4 and #5 blank but column 6 has the value ‘Test-03’ in it)
    If you add a row with just 3 values, that may omit the remaining columns, check the behaviour and change your logic accordingly.
  2. Append Range
    You may choose to skip the “Read Range” activity altogether and use ‘Append Range’ directly to the worksheet of your choice. This will automatically find the next blank row and append your new row to the existing data.
    In this workflow (attached below) I have used ‘Append Range’ but while keeping the original ‘Read Range’ call intact, so the entire table will be repeated. If you remove ‘Read Range’ activity and simply add a row and then append range, you should get the desired outcome.

Main.xaml (10.3 KB)
Have a play with these activities and decide what you prefer. :slight_smile:

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