Appending Column To Another Sheet


I want to append “Location” column from Sheet2 to Sheet1.

I have shared some snapshots for reference


Final Solution Be Like -



is there any other columns other than location in sheet1?

No Only One @Lak_Ui


you have to used join  activity for adding the specific column in the final sheet.

is there any column common in shee1 and sheet2?

No there is no common @Lak_Ui

TEST.xaml (9.3 KB)
see this example @Rishik_Chowdary

test.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Hi @Rishik_Chowdary

Try this

  • Read Sheet1 and store in DT1
  • Excel Process Scope Activity (Enable modern to find this)
    • Use Excel File
      • Insert Column
        • After: Age
        • Column name Location
  • Excel Application Scope
    • LookUpRange
      • Lookup value: Location
      • Variable in the cell address “Location_Address”
    • Write range
      • Cell: Location_Address
      • Datatable : DT1

Hope this Helps



Thanks @jack.chan

But when i was opening xaml it was not opening like it was showing it doesnt exist or private

probably your packages are different version. @Rishik_Chowdary

can you send me your xaml as a zip? then i will add it there

If Possible you can share me the screenshot of the code… so that i can understand @jack.chan

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use filter datatable and specify the column you need in sheet1
and use write range activity to write the filtered dattable from C1

  1. read sheet1/sheet2 into datatable variables

  2. add data column (“Location”) to sheet1Table

  3. loop over sheet2 (sheet2 Datatable)
    in each iteration, set
    sheet1.Rows(index)("Location") = CurrentRow("Location")

  4. write updated sheet1 table back to sheet1

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