Append data table to another

Hi guys, i need to insert value from datatable 1 to datatable 2, unfortunately they haven’t the same structure, in fact has the same column name, except for some extra column in data table 2, and i want to leave blank.
How can i do that?


Read data from both the sheets using Read Range activity and then use Merge DataTable activity to merge both the DataTables.

How if i want to add some new value to datatable 2? For example actual day time and some random x to the column that doesn’t exist in dt1


Please find the attached XMAL as a reference for your requirement. DT2 is merged with DT1 data with extra column as blank. Hope it helps. Main.xaml (8.4 KB)

Thanks, merge works fine, now i need to append values contained in column3 of DT1(named invoice) in column4 of DT(column name invoice name) and, in some column of DT1, insert some value(for example column name today’s date, i want to add 26-10-2021)

Thanks in advance


Hope the attached XMAL will help for you requirement.
Main.xaml (11.3 KB)

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