Append range: Could not write data table Datatable starting with cell A1048577

Hi All,
I am tried to read the csv file and stored the data of csv to append the exist excel file.
I can write the data of csv to the excel file. but i can’t append the data cause of this issue :frowning:

Could any one help me to solve this issue



Is excel already having 10lakh rows?

If so then its almost the limit of cannot write after that



it has only 3 records.

What issue are you facing? Can you please elaborate you issue? Attaching error screenshots would really help to provide solution

Thanks for the response!

Now i find the cause of the issue. But now i had a another doubt…

consider data are stored in excel file like below,
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
A |A|B|C|
B |1|2|3|
C |1|2|3|
D |(empty)|(empty)|3|
E | | | |

if i tired to append new data, it will append the data to “E1” right!

Here , is there any way to append data starts from “D1”? because that “3” column is nothing but formula column only.


Then you have to read the data…then filter the first or second column where you are sure of having data with empty rows and then get the count…we can later use this count to write the data