Append excel file in existing excel file within a "for each row" activity

Hello everyone,

I have an excel file (File 1) where i use data for the robot to go through a lot of costumers, and a robot inserting values into a web browser. I use the “for each row” activity for that. The robot inserts the values into a web browser where i receive a batch number, which i insert into a new excel file for each costumer(File 2). Within this “for each row” activity, i want to insert the batch number from file 2 into a column in file 1. It has to correspond with the right column in file 1.

Can someone help me out?

Usually when we are iterating through datatable we won’t be able to add any new Datarow or even datatable as that table is getting iterated now
May be if we want we can add that next to that for each row loop

Cheers @lada

So maybe it is a better solution to add the data to the excel file after the “for each row” activity? But how do i get the batch number in an excel file to continue writing the number in the same file, but in the row beneath the previous? So in the “for each row” activity, i will get a batch number. I want to add that batch number to a different excel file (since it is not possible to add it in file 1) but all the batch numbers in the same excel file. After the “for each row” activity i want to gather my batch number file with file 1.

can you help me out?

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