Excel workbook to excel workbook


First i read the excel file. Output: costumerData

New Sequence:“for each row”
read the data and use them in a web browser.

(same for each row sequence) I get the batch number from the website

How to i get the data from “excelbatch” into “LPExcelSystem” so it fits with the corresponding row in LPExcelSystem??


Please use below point to get data in excel:

  • First create a datatable variable and using build datatable create it for a single column as string.

  • in last for each activity use add data row activity after assign and pass the arrayRow properties> {batchToExcel}

  • then using write range pass that datatable variable in it

Hope it willl work for and resolve your issue!!!

Cheers @lada

Hi Paras and thank you.

How can i use the write range to insert it into a specific column, but a new row for each line?

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i think i have to add a counter = counter + 1. This will fix the problem regarding inserting values in the same cell each time

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No, In Write Range in place of A1 use that column & cell position where you want to write data:


Cheers @lada

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The thing is that i want them underneath each other. If i type A1 will it not always type it into A1? It needs to be A1 for batch number 1. A2 for batch number 2. A3 for batch number 3. etc. etc.

then after it use this workflo to convert them as column:

Cheers @lada

Does this get the batch number in different columns?

I just want the data to be stacked in one excel file. it does not matter if it shows up in only the same row or only the same column

Yes, it will.
Try once, if not then i’m here.

Hi Paras.

The values are only inserted into cell A1, so the previous batch number will be overwritten.

Please share your workflow?