Append data to a data table without using append range(Excel)

Inside a for loop i use data scraping for each link(opening in browser) and append the extracted data in excel using Append Range.
But now i want to eliminate excel dependency. i want to store the appended data in a data table. how can i do this?

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Hey, You can use merge datatable.

Make source as ExtractedDatatable and Destination as new datatble using new datatable

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HI @arijit1213

For this you can use Merge Datatable Activity
Check below link

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@Srini84 @Lakshay_Verma
I did this. But as a result i get blank as an output.

Make sure you are not initalising dt everytime and if your headers are same or not make sure you add headers.

Go through this post. You may have find your answer

Hi @arijit1213,

1.Start by creating a master Datatable say dtmaster at the beginning of the workflow , the schema should match your data what we are extracting from the web. The scope of the variable will be global to the sequence.

  1. Take a second datatable variable say dttemp that will store the data for each extraction.

  2. Inside the for each loop-

A. First assign the dttemp value = Nothing. - This will clear the existing data for every iteration.

B. Now invoke the workflow for extraction of data - This will help to manage the code - this workflow will output a datatable that you will put in variable dtTemp

C. Now use Merge Datatable activity and merge dtTemp into dtMaster.

  1. After the for each loop , use a write range and write dtMaster to Excel.



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