Is it possible to append the datatable

I want to datascrape some data from web and place it in a datatable.
Every time i need to place the data from ExtractDataTable to ADT(Datatable)


Yes you can append the data using append range activity

Thankyou for your response @Naveen

Append range is for Excel

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I got what you want.
to append DataTable you can use Merge Data Table activity.
You’ve to just specify Source & Destination (DataTable variavles)

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You can use ‘Join Data Tables’ activity, and use ‘Inner Join’ or ‘Left Join’ or ‘Full Join’ whether required.

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Append range can be used only when we are using excel directly not getting into usage of datatable
and moreover the extract datatable activity will give us straight away a datatable

hope these steps would help you resolve this
–lets take like you have the datatable ADT ready
–once after getting the output from Extract datatable activity with a datatable named outdt, now use MERGE DATATABLE activity where in the Source mention as outdt and Destination as ADT in the property panel of MERGE DATATABLE activity
–so each time when the datatable is extracted it will get merged to the destination datatable which is here mentioned as ADT

for more example here you

hope this would help you
Cheers @RachelN

Thankyou @Palaniyappan it worked

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