API With Uipath

can you please help me out
I have api link

for this api and this api with username and password
How did i give the input for this api in UiPath and how can extract the required details from the response

(Job requisition REQ and Email are input parameters to the Rest API)
Input:REQ=R45466 Email:abc@gmail.com

Can anyboday provide me solution on it plz

Hi @Sandhya_Gajare
Check this video

thanks gone through this got some basic but i am not getting how can i deal with username and password

I need solution on it how can i deal with username and password and how can i get responses help on that

Hi @Sandhya_Gajare
Do you have any documentation for this API? In that, we should have information regarding this.
You can pass a username and password in a simple HTTP authentication option. Try with this

where did i provide REQ and Email which is input to that api.

I have tried by giving username and password in simple htttp and i had put input that is
Email =abc@gmaill.com
in parameter i got an error thar request time out

@Sandhya_Gajare in parameters section,you can provide the parameters req and mail

no not give result

@Sandhya_Gajare What is happening? Please share some screenshot.

do have any mail id can you share with me

can you resolve this