Parameters and http api request

Hi All,

It looks like UiPath is struggling to pass the client secret correctly during a HTTP request using web APIs


‘Response’ is the auth_code acquired earlier on. I assign the values I need just before I call the HTTP request.

This is my parameters held in the HTTP activity.

Any idea why I would get this error?

“message”: “{\n "error" : "invalid_grant",\n "error_description" : "Invalid, expired, or revoked authorization code."\n}”,

Actually its client ‘Response’ that is causing the issue. If I copy the value into the parameter it works, but when I pass it in as a variable it doesnt.


Brain found the solution at 3am and couldn’t sleep.

So when my 1st HTTP request returned its output it returned it with “auth code” speech marks around it. I fixed this by removing the " from the string

Response = Response.Replace(“”“”,“”)

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