API StartJob - The job's associated process could not be found

Hi, I’ve got this big stranger problem righ here…

I have An Orchestrator with ‘Default’ Tenant and ‘Tenant2’. The second was created this week so this is new for me.

I’ve had a ‘ProcessMade’ in Default Tenant that works with a StartJob API very well during 3 months for now. But now I need to change this process to ‘Tenant2’ that right now is empty.

Finally when I’ve put, licence, robot, environment, machine and upload the process to have the new release Key and the robot Id for the StartJob API. I’ve run the Authentication and it is login very well but when I’ using the StartJob API it said “The job’s associated process could not be found” but I’ve Already put the new Release Key.

I’ve was playing a little bit with this to understand the environment. I’ve tried to change the ReleaseKey to the old one and it works :open_mouth: but in the other Tenant. So I’m launching the process on the Tenant ‘Default’ but with the ‘Tenant2’ And if I use the ReleaseKey that I have in Tenant2 gives me an error.

Can anyone tell me why is happening this?

Thank you

Make sure the tenant you have created recently, is having some required permissions or added to those certain roles @KevinDS

Hi, @HareeshMR Thank you for the Reply.

I’m getting UiPath Support in this case. It looks that isn’t roles problems. The problem is located in the recongition of other tenants. We locate the problem using first the authentication API. The Api allows us to authenticate with users of the default tenant when we put in “TenacyName” the other tenant. Wo It’s a Little bit strange

Heyy @KevinDS,

May be the folder ID and Release key will change with the API access you have for the new Tenant. Can you try to get the Robot ID, Release Key, Folder ID (Organization Unit) again with the new tenant name and account logical name of the new user?