How to start a job through API call in Modern Folder

Hi guys i’m facing issue to start a Job into a modern folder with postman
I use this API Call
and set into the body the following string

“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “(JobReleaaseKey)”,
“RobotIds”: ,
“JobsCount”: 1,
“Strategy”: “ModernJobsCount”,
“RuntimeType”: “Unattended”,
“InputArguments”: “{}”

But the response is 404 Not found

"message": "The job's associated process could not be found",
"errorCode": 1002,
"resourceIds": null

The error lies in the fact that RobotIds is void?
How could i know the RobotIds in a modern folder?

This is my modern folder scheme. Thanks



Do you have “X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId” in the header as well?

You shouldn’t have to specify Robots. Check here UiPath Connector Guide

You get the Robot Id from the Users endpoint below:

From the response, you need the “RobotId”: from the “UnattendedRobot”: { section of the response:

@odata.context”: “UiPath”,
@odata.count”: 1,
“value”: [
“Name”: “Robot3”,
“Surname”: “”,
“UserName”: “robot3”,
“Domain”: null,
“DirectoryIdentifier”: null,
“FullName”: “Robot3”,
“EmailAddress”: “”,
“IsEmailConfirmed”: false,
“LastLoginTime”: null,
“IsActive”: true,
“CreationTime”: “2022-03-24T17:15:47.28Z”,
“AuthenticationSource”: “local”,
“Password”: null,
“IsExternalLicensed”: false,
“RolesList”: [
“Allow to be Automation User”
“LoginProviders”: ,
“TenantId”: 1744,
“TenancyName”: null,
“TenantDisplayName”: null,
“TenantKey”: null,
“Type”: “DirectoryRobot”,
“ProvisionType”: “Manual”,
“LicenseType”: null,
“Key”: “cadcb9d1-d149-44b3-950c-76cd439403cf”,
“MayHaveUserSession”: false,
“MayHaveRobotSession”: false,
“MayHaveUnattendedSession”: true,
“BypassBasicAuthRestriction”: false,
“MayHavePersonalWorkspace”: false,
“RestrictToPersonalWorkspace”: false,
“AccountId”: null,
“LastModificationTime”: “2022-03-24T17:17:47.907Z”,
“LastModifierUserId”: 59243,
“CreatorUserId”: 59243,
“Id”: 99842,
“RobotProvision”: null,
“UnattendedRobot”: {
“UserName”: “abc”,
“Password”: “••••••••••••••••••••”,
“CredentialStoreId”: 123,
“CredentialType”: “Default”,
“CredentialExternalName”: null,
“LimitConcurrentExecution”: false,
“RobotId”: 11234,
“MachineMappingsCount”: 0,
“ExecutionSettings”: {
“TracingLevel”: “Information”,
“StudioNotifyServer”: true,
“LoginToConsole”: false,
“AutoDownloadProcess”: true
“NotificationSubscription”: {
“Queues”: true,
“Robots”: true,
“Jobs”: true,
“Schedules”: true,
“Tasks”: true,
“QueueItems”: true,
“Insights”: false,
“CloudRobots”: true
“UpdatePolicy”: null

Were you ever able to get this resolved?