Issue while using a HTTP Post activity for Custom developed Webservice

Hello All,

I have built a web service in SAP MII application and is published with few input parameters to execute the code and i was trying to use the web service in the UiPath Studio using HTTP Request activity and also assigned the parameters in the activity but when i was trying to execute the activity “Request Method: POST|| Status Code: 200” but i couldn’t see the new entries that should ideally happen for the Web Service.
**Web Service is working fine, I have validated but it is not the case while trying to execute in the Studio.

I have assigned the parameters with variables/Arguments but still couldn’t see the new data in the system.

Any help is much Appreciated!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Murali_Mulagapaka

I hope you would want the email id and all to be passed a body? Then the type needs to change accordingly as of now it is getorpost

Can you show the properties panel of http request and the values provided there


Hello Anil,
Thanks for quick response, here is the properties panel of the activity

and in the parameters collection, i have provided the below

i could see the below types for the parameters while configuring the webservice

Thank you!

HI @Murali_Mulagapaka

Can you try using url segment instead of getOrpost

Alternately instead of passing parameters can you pass them in the body field directly please. And also give the body format as application/json or whatever your api accepts

You can check this for body format