API errors with empty data from authorized POST/GET requests? Uipath team?

Hi RPA Community,

could somebody help us here, perhaps from UiPath team?
We 4 guys experience the same problem and do not have any solution yet:

My case that works in postman without any problem. Authorization api request works as well.

Output with status 200, but with empty result:

The same issue for non-authorization post call.

Are we missing anything? I assume that it is a headers issue.



This was a interesting topic to discuss as it is related to typescript @Andrey_Gaweiler :smiley:.

And, I see you are not getting the entire response as JSON, and you are getting the HTML as well. Can you send the header : Accept : application/json and then post the entire response here

Yes. See the result here:

It looks the same. But in the responses I see the following text: “You need to enable java script to run this app”. Is it a problem?

Of course, you need to enable it, else it will limit the apps functionality or even restrict it. Please try enabling it once

It was actually enabled. This is a response in chrome device detection:

Can you guys see smth there?

Perhaps it is helpful to compare headers responses from working postman because they are different:


Very interesting problem you have.

I cannot reproduce it. I’ve tried a dozen things, and no luck.

That said, the more I look at your response, the more I think it is your browser or Ionic that is getting in the way. I do all my testing as javascript running in node on my Mac Desktop.

I would suggest the following two experiments:

  1. Create a javascript file that makes the call suitable for running from node. Just hard code everything. See if that works. My suspicion is that it will. That would prove to me that your Cloud Orchestrator Account, the REST API, and your network are all working.

  2. Create a web page (Non Ionic, just a straight up web page) that is empty, except for minimal text to display a result, and a simple Javascript that does your post. Display the results of the post somehow (Heck print it to the console and look at the page in Chrome). If that works, then it proves to me that Ionic is the problem. If that fails, then it is something in your browser.

Those are my best guesses right now.

Otherwise, we could try to do a Zoom session and I can see exactly what you are doing, as you do it. It might give us an idea. Otherwise, I am out of guesses and ideas.

– Michael.

Thank you, Michael, a lot for your thoughts! Let me at first try to follow your suggestions and report here.

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much! I used your advice and tested the same code by with access_token as value and not at first as access_token generated from post request. As a result I have got working GET request but not working POST StartJob. After that I went back and got the same access_token using access_token generated from post request.
this.AccessTokenStr = 'Bearer ’ + JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(data.data).access_token);
this.AccessTokenStr = 'Bearer ’ + JSON.parse(data.data).access_token;

Now both GET and POST requests work! The key was in sending right access_token. Without it other fields misbehaving like startInfo missing…; 200ok but wrong headers etc. The problem was that the response was not directly saying that access_token was wrong (like with additional “”,). Hope it helps.



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