API call not fetching data from triggers in orchestrator

When I try to call the api Im getting response as mentioned below.
I am trying to run a API Call to retrive trigger details from orchestrator like time/days etc. "you are not authorised/you are not allowed to perform this operation

Hi @Sam_rpa,

As per the output from api call stating that you are not authenticated did you already use api call to authenticate first with the orchestrator before making api call to get the trigger details. Thanks

When i login using my profile in my machine am able to run this api without error but when i login to a Test Machine with bot profile i get this error

Try with postman or swagger to check the authenticate api first and try to provide correct tenant, user is and password details. After making successful connection try calling api with proper token to get trigger details.

This implies that your bot user does not have access to trigger / process information via API calls.

This can be fixed by using the Manage Access tab in tenant level settings and setting appropriate roles to your robot user.

You can read here more on managing roles of tennant / Orchestrator users