How to trigger the orchestrator 2019 job using API call from a different application

How to trigger the present orchestrator job when an API call comes from the other application to the orchestrator?
If the API call is triggered with some arguments how to use them as input to the orchestrator job.


Check this post @Vashisht

Thanks @HareeshMR,
But i am unable to connect to the orchestrator through API call, CAn you help me out?


Sure @Vashisht

Can you explain where you got stucked in the process?

I stucked right at the authorization part, and Can you explain what is the step by step procedure to trigger the orchestrator using API from other application not through UI path and execute the job or the bot?


Please check the below topic which have the step by step explanation of accessing the API @Vashisht

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I tries that code verifier thing what you mentioned ,it always showing as invalid authorization code or invalid code helper.I have done this many times.

Please give me some time, I’m documenting each and every step of authentication and using API which will be helpful for all of us :slight_smile:

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Hi @Vashisht

here is the entire post please go through that

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Hi @HareeshMR,
In the step 6 authorization we have to keep that id_token and
What is the tenancy name?
The usernameorEmail and the password are the login credentials which we use to login into right?


Yes, when you open the platform orchestrator, and when you click on services, you will get the tenant name on the right side pane @Vashisht

Can you please tell me the tenant name from this pic…



Or else, send a request as mentioned in the above link forwarded to get the account logical name

I got account logical name should i use that?

it always showing me invalid credentials…

You are confusing me @Vashisht :slight_smile:

Have you followed the steps in the above link? At what step you are getting the above error

Yes i followed those steps
In the 6th step authorization part when we are sending the post request the tenancyName, usernameorEmail and password we need to pass along with the id token we got.

There what should i pass the tenancyName?
In username and password i passed the emailId and password which i use to login to the
Even if i use the accountLogicalname it is showing me invalid credentials.

Please try with new ID_token , I mean, create a new access token and ID token using the previous request and use that ID token @Vashisht

I created new Id_token and used Account logical name and i kept my email address and password correctly,(i manually logged in with those credentials and checked) but still it throws
invalid credentials.

Hello Vashisht,
In this video you can see how I Call Orchestrator API from more than 10 software:
Cristian Negulescu

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